Marie’s work is as an Integrative Counsellor

How does it work - What is an Integrative Counsellor?

An Integrative Counsellor works to build a trusting and comfortable relationship with you.

She begins with a contract and explains the confidentiality agreements. Integrative Counselling uses several distinct models of counselling and psychotherapy which are used together in a converging way rather than in separate pieces.

Plainly, it means Marie can tailor the counselling to individual clients - which is why Marie enjoys this type of counselling.

She will help you to de-clutter your mind and work on what is important to you to help you detox your life and move forward.

Counselling and Supervision Services Fees

Therapy for individual adults - £40.00 per hour
Therapy for student Counsellors £33.00 per hour

Supervision for Adult Counselling

Individual Supervision for Student Counsellors and Newly Qualified Counsellors

2 hours a month £80.00

Individual Supervision for experienced Counsellors 1.5 hours £60.00
If as a group you need supervison please contact me to inform me of the numbers in your group and the frequency of the supervison required . Fees will be dependent on what is required.

Support when you just feel out of your depth.
Sometimes you might just need someone to listen when you have concerns and nowhere to turn.

New Perspectives
Offering confidential support with challenging situations. Working with you and for your personal development and happiness.

ACT Now!
To make a counselling appointment call Marie on 07984 896 686